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Sunday, January 31, 2010


To begin, click on the title of this post ("Welcome!" above) and read the directions that appear as a comment in the resulting page. These comments will guide you as you compose and submit your discussion comments.

You may need to enable pop-ups on your Web browser in order to view this Website (

When you are ready to submit your comments, return to this page, then go to the section for your designated group, and click there. You are organized by your first name and last name initial, ex: "First L."

Please direct all questions regarding procedures to your instructor.

Thank you for your participation in this activity. Good luck, and have fun!


Group: Jennifer W., Fledge C., Desirae C., Rhonda L., Cody A., Robert C.

Group: Jason M., Victoria R., Djulijeta M., Hanna S., Sharita J., Shelby S.

Group: Steven P., Robert Z., Kara C., Christopher F., Megan S., Robert D.

Group: Lorraine M., Laura C., Cassandra N., Joshua R., Matthew H.

Group: Ike S., Jacob C., Richard W., Corey C., Aundrea S., Justin V., Nathan T.

Group: John C., Elizabeth I., Kevin S., Adam M., Benjamin K., Javier R.

Group: Elaine C., Melissa O., Cory M., Bethany F., Ashleigh P.

Group: Yusef D., Allen B., LaShay W., Jennifer N., Kyle H., Elisha P.